Peace of mind

Today we live in 21st century.we have all the facilities but our mental peace is lost because of competition.Nowadays even small kids are forced to  perform their best.They are only taught that life is a race.If you won’t come first you will leftitd.In this state they forget the actual meaning of study.They are just in hurry to let down others and come first.All they think is about competition.In this case they conquer haterade and jealousy amongst each other.Their peace of mind is lost far behind.
The 21st century is all surrounded by now and advanced technologies.Today we all are so depended on this technologies.Even the fully equipped playgrounds are left empty. Children are busy indulged in video games and such activities.The outdoor activities seems to be vanished somewhere . More and more fights are included in families. Husbands and wives are separating.Peace of mind is lost somewhere.Though technology have made our lives more easier and comfortable but it is a curse too.There is no peace and happiness left.
In a world where stress,rush and restlessness abund,peace of mind is important. It is a treasure that everyone desired,but only few know how to gain it,and even fewer do something to gain it. With all the advanced science,no remedy has been found for lack of inner peace. Often even when being in good health,people have no peace of mind. This proves that peace of mind does not depend on external conditions or on any scientific or technical progress. The solution has to come from within and not from external sources. It is not always possible to stop the external sources,but you can certainly change your attitude,and learn to stop allowing outside influences affect your mood and your state of mind. Peace of mind is not only found on Himalayas,by monks and hermits. It is only within you. You just need it to find within yourself. Wherever you are and in any circumstances. There are various techniques for gaining peace of mind, and following and implementing them,even for just a few minutes,a day will make a difference in your life. And soon you will find positive changes within you.
You don’t have to wait for perfect circumstances to start working on gaining it. You can start now and here. This may require some time but it is a worthwhile project. You can continue living your own life without changing your external condition and yet work on attaining inner peace. This is done by changing your mental attitude and developing inner strength through meditation and other means.


:-Arti bhagat


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