The Law Of Karma

Hello! friends

Today I am going to tell you my thoughts, Everybody read the book of The secret or you heard about it. I want to tell you that in the secret ,writer Rhonda Byrne said that law of attraction. It’s like law of gravity, once you throw something it falls down that is the fact ,when you think something you visualize then you definitely get it Rhonda said but I think another rule is always working is low of karma no one wants to go throw hardship, no one wants to be sad but why we get that negativity. We never think  about it .Why  we don’t understand what happen with us. This is the law of” KARMA” then 2 question is we never did bed things then why we get negativity It come from early life ,early birth .It is very deep rooted .We are not capable to understand the law of karma but if we want happy then give happiness another

So I would make sure that karmic law is also important in our life it calls Destiny .Desire we can change but past life karma we can’t change .So do good and get good.

Thank You


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